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Learn to double, Triple or even quadruple the effectiveness of your pay per click, Google Ads Bing or any other advertising platform through PPC Course in Jaipur. Get more revenue and more value from your advertising budget than you imagined was possible.

5-STAR Student Review “Just would like to leave an 5-star review of this course! This isn’t an advanced course but is designed for those who have set up an account and spent dollars on PPC. I strongly recommend this course as a “refresher/key steps to optimizing” on the steps that need to be done. Mark is a master of presenting the content and if you are planning to manage your personal PPC accounts over the long term This course is perfect suitable for you. 

Master PPC Course in Jaipur

You can master Google AdWords and the Pay Per Click advertising platform using the information you Learn in this course

  • Learn Focus keywords strategies for PPC that can skyrocket your rank
  • Implement The 4 Metrics You Need to reduce the Cost per Click
  • *Save money with PPC Match Bidding Type
  • “Make Each Ad Matter by Using Ad Extensions
  • *Surprise! Bing-Yahoo’s Performance

Another 5 five-star Student Comment: “New things even after six months of Google AdWords! I am grateful to Mark for putting together this course. I’ve struggled with AdWords for seven years for my company and have seen satisfactory results. I believed I was knowledgeable, but your class revealed that I’ve missed around 40% of the essential PPC expertise. I would recommend anyone who is taking this course to listen attentively, even if they are familiar with a few things. Fantastic information about match type, how to create and advertise and an extremely engaging final lecture. It was a wise investment for me. 

Real education on how to dramatically increase the performance of your Google Adwords and other Pay Per Click results by using techniques you’ve would never have thought of.

This program was born out of three years of managing pay-per-click (PPC) as well as Google Adwords budgets for several kinds of products, brands and various service companies. The constant effort to match budgets, both small and huge, to the outcomes required, necessitated hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours in order to discover the perfect formula.

5-STAR Students’ Review “I’ve had a hard time with Adwords over the past 7 years for my own business and achieved acceptable results. I believed I had a good grasp of the subject however your course showed me that I’ve been missing approximately 40% of essential PPC understanding. I would recommend anyone who is taking this course to listen attentively, even if you have a basic understanding of. Fantastic information on match type, how to create an advertisement, and a fascinating final lecture. It was a wise investment for me. 

Content Overview“How You Can Double your Pay-Per-Click Performance” is a guide for experts PPC users who don’t get the results they want after by following the advice of Google.

You’ll go through 20 classes that contain details presented in slide show format, with live views of and the Adwords PPC platform, to show how to implement the strategies and techniques covered, and then dive into ads and accounts which use each.

There are a variety of tests to make sure you’re taking in the most important information as well as a variety of “cheat sheet” to print and go over.

After you have completed this course and apply the strategies you’ve learned that you’ll be able to increase your pay per click performance, just as I was able to do. For many diverse brands, various companies and a variety of customers.

Who is this PPC Training Intended for:

  • Marketing executives who need more leads and sales out of their PPC budgets
  • Small-business owners who manage the company’s own Google and Bing Ads campaigns
  • Businesses and individuals who are only beginning to get into pay-per-click advertising should ensure they don’t squander their money

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